Fairness Opinions

Fairness Opinions & Business Valuations

fairness opinionsWilcox Swartzwelder & Co. is experienced in providing independent, unbiased and credible business valuations and fairnessopinions to Boards of Directors, Special Committees, Partnerships, and for litigated matters, which satisfy the highest fiduciary standards.   

Industry focus. Underlying our work is in-depth knowledge of the capital markets and the energy and industrial sectors, which provides credibility and context for explaining the trends and dynamics affecting value.

Valuation expertise. Due to our rigorous analysis and understanding of relevant legal, tax and economic issues (including effects on flow through entities such as LLCs and MLPs), our valuations and opinions can withstand the most rigorous scrutiny. 

Independence. Because we are independent advisors and do not lend, underwrite securities or provide research, we truly remain conflict-free.

Representative situations include:

  • Sell-side/buy-side mergers & acquisitions 
  • Spin-offs, split-ups, divestitures
  • Going-private transactions
  • Related-party transactions
  • Minority interests
  • Down-round financing and other financing transactions
  • Requirements pursuant to certain bond indentures and credit agreements
  • Any transaction requiring a shareholder vote

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