Merger & Acquisition Advisory Services for Energy Clients

M&A Advisor Specializing in the Energy Sector

Wilcox Swartzwelder & Co. is a leading merger and acquisition advisor to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers in the energy sector. The Firm’s principals started their careers working with energy companies and over the years and through multiple cycles, have developed deep roots in the industry.


Why Does Sector Focus Provide An Advantage to Energy Clients?

Because of the specialized nature of the energy industry and the ongoing dramatic changes, we believe that to provide superior merger and acquisition advisory services to clients, requires focus and specialization. Why is this specialization so important to clients?

  • We understand the full oil and gas value chain spanning upstream, midstream and downstream activities and the broader industry trends; therefore, we get “up to speed” quickly and can spend productive time focused on the nuances of our clients’ business;
  • Based on our network of industry relationships, we know the industry players (both strategic and financial), what they are looking to acquire and what they are willing to pay, and we use this knowledge to our clients’ advantage;
  • Based on our rigorous financial analysis and due diligence, we understand how to value energy companies and the characteristics that make them valuable to buyers; therefore we favorably position our clients to prospective buyers;
  • We achieve the maximum value and best terms for clients by selling aggressively and creating a competitive bidding environment among multiple interested parties, which puts the negotiating leverage in our favor;
  • We customize an execution strategy and systematically lead our energy clients through the complex process from start to finish, planning in advance for the specific issues that may arise during the process, negotiating deal points and working toward the successful completion of the transaction;
  • We offer thoughtful, deliberate and client-specific advice, balancing our clients’ needs and desires with our substantial transactional experience, market realities and ongoing research of the sector.

Your Energy Merger & Acquisition Advocate

From start to finish, Wilcox Swartzwelder & Co. will take you through the merger and acquisition process every step of the way. Transactions are difficult. Having an experienced energy-focused merger and acquisition advisor on your side can dramatically improve the odds of success.

What’s Next?

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